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Easy Crochet Bunny Coaster

I’m really excited to share these crochet bunny coasters with you before Easter. They are really easy to make and I think they’re a perfect Easter one day project for crochet beginners. I’m no crochet jedi myself but I can make one start to finish in about 40 minutes and my kids love them which has meant fewer watermarks on the dinner table! I came up with these after seeing loads of cute cat crochet coasters on Pinterest and thinking that crochet bunnies would be perfect for a Spring table setting.

Easy Easter Bunny Crochet Coasters, free pattern

To make your crochet bunny coasters you will need:

  • Yarn in your chosen colours, I used brown and white
  • A crochet hook in a size to match your yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread
Such a cute bunny rabbit coaster

How to crochet a bunny coaster

  1. The first step to crocheting a bunny coaster is to crochet a circle, if you’re not sure how to do this then you can watch a great video tutorial here. Depending on how big you like your coasters, you can add more rounds to your circle. For mine I chained four single crochet, joined with a slip stitch, then chained three, before crocheting 11 treble crochet. I then added rounds of 24, 36 and 48 stitches increasing by 12 each time. The Bella Coco video is really helpful for showing you how to manage this increase.
  2. When you’ve crocheted your basic circle as in the image above, single chain crochet your desired length of bunny ear for your coaster, then add two single crochet to allow you to half treble crochet (or half double in the US) back to the main head of the bunny as in the final picture above. If you’re unsure how to do a half treble (UK) crochet, this video tutorial is very helpful.
  3. Once you’ve added one ear, tie off, join on at a suitable distance to begin the second ear, and repeat step 2.
  4. I like to add some crochet stitches to secure the ears fully at this point, but if you prefer, you could sew these securely in place with a tapestry needle.
  5. When the ears are in place, I single crochet around the bunny head, but changing to half treble stitch again when I come to the ears to fill these out a little.
  6. When the rabbit is complete, crochet a 12 stitch circle in white and sew this to the bunny coaster.
  7. Make a bow with your ribbon (a cheat bow works well here if you’re not confident in tying one) and sew this to one side with a needle and thread.
  8. All done, you have a fluffy bunny coaster to own and love, ready for the Easter rabbit visiting!

I know it’s a bit early for Easter, but I really do think they are the cutest little rabbit coasters!


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